Working Together

Our initial consultation will look at what has brought you to consider therapy and we will explore how therapy can be helpful for yourself, your relationship or family.

In terms of working together, I will endeavour to ensure our therapeutic relationship is an honest, constructive, collaborative and positive experience.
I can be flexible with time frames and locations to conduct therapy although have access to consulting rooms.

Throughout the therapy we can talk about relationships, life events (past and present), feelings, emotions, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour. I will draw upon a range of ideas within the systemic psychotherapy field to ensure your presenting problem(s) are being addressed in the most effective way for difference/ understanding to occur.

We will discuss how therapy is a 'safe' space and we will agree about the limits of confidentiality in the first session.

If you are looking for systemic supervision or consultation please contact me as this can vary from a 'one off' or a continuation. We can have a conversation regarding either and the best way of working together.